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Welcome to AMROC

And the world of model railroading
In downtown Columbia, South Carolina.

AMROC is dedicated to the promotion and operation of Model Railroading.

We are open to the public any Thursday night at no charge:

to provide advice on modeling

to provide advice on servicing model trains

to allow model train watching

to allow public to run some of their trains

We have layouts in all major scales:

Little N Scale

Medium HO scale

Classic S scale

“Lionel” O scale

Big Garden G scale

And we have an open membership

Please stop by any* Thursday night,

Bring your kids of all ages

Bring your trains

Bring your creativity

Bring your desire to be a model railroader

We are here every Thursday night from 7:30pm.

We will often give a throttle to our guest, especially young engineers, to run one of our trains themselves. We also generally allow guests of all ages to bring and run their own equipment, whether it’s a young fellow wanting to try his Thomas on the “big” layout, or a seasoned hobbyists trying out his newest masterpiece. If you have a train to try out, bring it down. If it doesn’t run right, usually we can help you find the problem. We usually have members there who can answer many of your questions or offer suggestions about building your own empire. There is no charge for any of this.

Both our HO & N layouts are Digitrax® DCC and provide all the features for your DCC equipped locomotives. However, on our HO layout we have special provision to allow standard DC (analog) trains to operate (without using “zero stretch”).

PLEASE NOTE: the first Thursday of the month is our business meeting from 7:30pm to roughly 8:15pm. That will be boring so we do recommend a different night.

Join us in the worlds greatest hobby!

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mvc-009s.jpg mvc-010s.jpg


Our 9’ x 12’ N scale layout is a model of typical Burlington-Northern circa 1970 near the Mississippi river.   It includes a 8 track yard, a coal loading operation on one side of the river and a power station on the other side.  The rocky cliffs overlooking the river provide a good example of creating realistic rocks and rock faces on a model layout.

100_2106.jpg 100_2108.jpg
100_2048.jpg 100_2056.jpg


Our 12’ x 50’ HO layout, has been very much under construction, but is looking very good now. It will provide a pike for both public running and realistic railroad operations.  It will include the typical point to point operations, where trains can be built taken to distant cities and broken down to be delivered to customers.  The nearly complete logging operation features a 3’ scratch built trestle and will soon include a working log mill. During shows and on running nights, we can up to 8 trains at once for a very busy scene.

hoekids.jpg howkids.jpg
mvc-004s.jpg mvc-859s.jpg
mvc-004s.jpg mvc-859s.jpg


Our 10’ X 18’ O,S scale plus the 3’ x 15’ yard is always a highlight allowing as many as 5 trains zipping by at once.  It includes some of Lionel’s operating accessories,  which can be run by visitors from buttons beside the layout.  The kit built 4’  through girder bridge and some interesting graffiti provide some of the highlights.

mvc-015s.jpg mvc-017s.jpg
mvc-014s.jpg mvc-170s.jpg
mvc-014s.jpg OBridge.JPG

Regular Meetings
Thursdays 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
First             Business Meeting at 7:30 PM, followed by Clinics
Second         Public Running Night
Third           Club Running Night, with monthly theme
Fourth/Fifth   Running/Maintenance

Upcoming AMROC Shows

Check back soon for upcoming shows!

Other shows in or near South Carolina

Check back soon for upcoming shows!

Information and Model railroad help

For club info, activities, membership info: email our President.

N scale layout info, help on N modeling: email our N chairman.

HO layout info, help on HO modeling and DCC: email our HO chairman.

O/S & G layout info, help on large scale modeling: email our O/S chairman.

If you have any problems contact the

*Last updated 06/30/2015